A team of lecturers from the Faculty of Economics (FE) UNY visited the Faculty of Economics and Business Education (FPEB) UPI, Friday (5/8). The team led by the Dean Dr. Siswanto, M.Pd. consists of 17 lecturers. As stated in his opening remarks, Siswanto emphasized that this visit was intended to learn about the various steps taken by FPEB UPI in managing the faculty and at the study program level. In addition, this visit was also a return visit after previously the FPEB UPI delegation also visited FE UNY.

The Dean of FPEB Prof. Dr. H. Eeng Asman, M.S. stated that FPEB UPI is still growing and seeking to improve its reputation. "In the near future, international accreditation will be carried out. Physically a new building is also being built to later become a service and lecture center," he explained.

While the Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs Prof. Dr. Vanessa Gaffar, SE., Ak., MBA explained that there are several international collaboration students who will take a Double Degree either at the undergraduate or master level.

On this occasion, the FE UNY team sent a team assigned to later develop a new study program. "Therefore, it is certainly important for us to learn various tips and what considerations we need to take before opening this new program later," said Dr. Denies Priantinah as the Coordinator of the Proposal for the Master of Accounting Study Program.

After the sharing session, the FE UNY group then saw a number of supporting facilities for academic activities owned by FPEB UPI such as FPEB Digital Space EX (Economics and Digital Business Laboratory) and also Smart Classroom. This is an effort of FE UNY to continue to improve the quality of education as well as one of the preparations for FE UNY before proposing the opening of new study programs, namely S3 Economics Education and Masters in Accounting. (fadhli)