Smoking is a form of addiction that some Indonesians suffer from. According to the Indonesian Ministry of Health, in 2018 every smoker in Indonesia consumed an average of 12.3 cigarettes per day. In addition to addiction, the World Health Organization (WHO) states that millions of smokers also have the habit of disposing of cigarette butts carelessly. This is of course dangerous for the environment. This prompted a group of UNY students to innovate in controlling and utilizing cigarette butts that were disposed of carelessly.

Sailendra Pangesti, a 2019 undergraduate Accounting Study Program student, together with his team consisting of Reno Nurdiyanto (Physics Education 2017), Musa Beni Ricardo Aruan (Mechatronic Engineering Education 2018), Enggal Pangestu (English Literature 2018), and Machlisatul Qolbiyah (Chemistry 2017), competed in the Indonesian Education International Innovative Competition (IEI2C) 2021 which was held from 19-20 June 2021.

Bringing the idea entitled "Smart Cigarette Bin: Arduino Based Biopesticide with The Utilization of Cigarette Stub Litter", they were ranked 6th and entitled to take home the Gold Medal in this event organized by the Indonesian Federation Publisher of Research Innovation (IFPRI). This tool is designed to utilize tobacco left over from cigarette butts as a biopesticide that is beneficial for agriculture. (fadhli)